Branding Project - case study


Mexican Fast Food

Academic project


SPIKE is a branding project for traditional Mexican fast-food restaurants. Spike chains spread around the world, which makes it a global culinary company.
During the project, I was looking for the right concept that will represent the Mexican culture and will face an international target audience.
The name reflects the basic nature of the Mexican food that is based on rich and spicy flavors and leaves the diner with a prickly taste.

How I made up my decisions?

The elements that make up the branding language – such as logo, typeface, and color palette, were based on cultural and culinary research. I learned about the Mexican’s prominent elements and characteristics and came to know a colorful, rich, and vibrant culture. Alongside cultural wealth, the brand is based on simplicity and joyful life, which is reflected in the Mexican music, and cuisine.

Color Palette

Three major colors were chosen to represent the brand – Yellow, Red, and touches of green. The selection was based on their presence, prominence, and connection to the Mexican culture and the culinary world. Light grey and brown were added to be used as background colors.

Logo Design

I examined a few Mexican elements that could support the restaurant’s name.
I developed few variants for the logo using different types of fonts textures, compositions, and backgrounds.

The process of visual branding creation started with logo design.
I was based on two main guidelines including – High readability on various print and digital platforms, and the brand values – Family homely feel along with a sense of excitement and exhibited experience.

I used a homely background to evoke a feeling of kinship. The choice of a simple and clear typecase – Nirmala UI was done in order to strengthen the logo legibility. I Used capital letters to emphasize the presence of the brand name. The Logo can be presented on flexible platforms and have a digital “quiet version”.

After many tries, I felt much confidence with the final version of the logo design. I believe that a simplicity approach will serve the brand and will stick to the criteria I’ve placed. I found the paper element as a proper image to represent the brand nature as it is a basic  product in the Mexican kitchen and supports to the restaurant name interpretation.


I’ve created a set of icons to represent a unique visual language and strengthen the brand’s presence. Building the set of icons, aimed to achieve visual consistency with other brand elements. Thus I used the major brand colors and gave attention to a consistent style and weight of colors. I also considered their usability on various design channels such as digital platforms, advertising, menu papers, packages, etc.

Digital Channel

I designed order app screens.
I realized that the digital platform should
use a limited quite color palette.
I was challenged by choosing the right screen colors that on one hand will preserve the nature of the brand, and on the other hand, will focus the users on the main required activities and will avoid distractions.

Print Channel

The menu background is composed of different color areas embedded with Mexican cultural symbols. The menu introduces the dishes by category. The titles are written in font “Las Locuras del emperador” that is adding a kind of playfulness and interest and connect the reader to the Mexican vibe. I tried to create an accurate dosage of text icons and colors so the menu will not be overloaded and will serve its main goal. Altogether the design expresses a happy celebration atmosphere along with its main practical informative purpose.





I created two design styles for packages. One style is colorful, noisy and continues the line of the menu. The second style shows a minimalist mode of work.

Both are identified with Spike Brand, although their differences.




The main purpose of the poster was to suggest the special winter choice and stimulate the potential customer’s desire for Mexican dishes.
I made a careful choice for a photo as it takes up most of the poster surface.
I’ve added minimum details – text & image to create a definite connection to the SPIKE brand.





For Desert

Some insights… Throughout the branding project, I went through a process in which I gained confidence in the brand’s visibility and concept. I could feel that the SPIKE brand is coming real and have strong visual and conceptual persistence. I tried to lean on a “less is more” approach but still, preserve the visual richness and colorful cultural vibe. As a next step, I would progress with more products on both print and digital channels and would strengthen the brand by positive user experience.

Thank you for reading

Hopeful you enjoyed this case study and felt SPIKE flavors and vibe.
You can meet SPIKE participates in my charity project “Ways of Giving”