Logo Design - case study


All about Threads

This project introduces a logo and product design for a sewing supplies store named “Hand-Made”

The logo is composed of a giraffe, illustrated in a single line. I explored the giraffe as a symbol and learned about its anatomic physical structure. I chose to use a single line drawing technique, which supports the nature of the products and implies the product’s visuality. I created many sketches and variants in which I tried to simplify the realistic details of the giraffe and catch its exact essence. The logo is characterized by a circled fluent line, using a variant of thickness lines to emphasize the business values – Simplicity, Delicacy, and Aesthetics. I chose soft colors pallet and used gradient style to give the logo sense of joy and creativity.

Logo Typography

Finally, I chose Delve Hand typeface, designed by Delve Withrington.
I found the loosely modeled letterforms compatible with “Hand-Made” major idea. Using this font especially its small letters strengthens the sense of uniqueness and simplicity.

Group 35