Marketing Projects

Avoda Shava

Promoting Gender Diversity
in the Israeli Labor Market

לוגו של עבודה שווה

Avoda Shava is a nonprofit company that aims to promote a gender-equal labor market in Israel.
It provides other organizations practical tools & programs for implementing gender equality.

My Projects at Avoda Shava

The designed materials are based on the organization’s values and bring a message of diversity and suitability for different audiences along with a sense of confidence and stability. 

I’m proud to take part in the organization’s projects as a graphic designer. I work closely with various functionaries in the association and make a significant contribution to the visibility of the materials, that emphasize the organizations’ professional reputation and its values.


Newsletter March 2021

The Newsletter presents the last activities & projects of “Avoda Shava” and the people behind them.

Children's book

Landing Page

The landing page’s purpose was to encourage the target audience to purchase the book.
The book was written by Tal Chen and illustrated by Shirley Pronges.
The designs are based on the illustrative language of the book and the visual concepts of “Avoda Shava”.

“Stamp of Equality”

Landing Page

The landing page’s purpose was to encourage the organizations in the Israeli labor market to join the 

project and obtain the “Stamp of Equality”. 

Social Media

Posts for Facebook

תעודת הוקרה

Certificate of Appreciation

The certificate is awarded in recognition and thanks to companies and organizations who have contributed to the activities of “Avoda Shava”.

אישה עם קפה

...Coming soon

Re-design of "Avoda Shava" WEB site

Thank you for reading

Hopeful you enjoyed this case study and got familiar with Avoda Shava. You can visit the existing WEB site and follow Avoda Shava on Facebook.

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